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At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we will be your greatest advocates during this crucial time in your life. Family law matters involve more than paperwork. When your precious family members are involved and their futures are at risk, it is a very emotional, high-pressure time. You’re not just signing the dotted line on a few contracts and legal documents; you’re changing your life and the lives of your most precious loved ones.

You don’t need to go through this alone. When you have questions, you need someone to answer them. If you feel like you have no options, you need someone to open the door to the many available to you. When you’re overwhelmed, you need someone to listen to you, and navigate you through the stress.

Our office is conveniently located in beautiful Olde Montgomery, OH, but our help extends beyond the four walls of our office. Family law matters don’t start and end with the courtroom documents; we continue working for you. Learn more about how we help people in Montgomery and the surrounding Cincinnati area through their family law matters.

We know what you’re going through
and we can help you.

We want to be there for you and your family, and we can be. Our attorneys consider ourselves to be more than just family lawyers. We are listeners. We are your shoulder to lean on. With years of experience in family law, we can navigate you through divorce, property division, custody, and more with ease, efficiency, and empathy. Our attorneys will treat your family matter as if it were our own, always keeping your children and precious family members in mind. We will be your constant confidant.

Divorce in Montgomery, OH

When you and your spouse are ending a marriage, you’ve already gone through the tumultuous trials and tribulations of making that decision to divorce. You’ve considered your children and you’ve contemplated your options; it’s the end of the road for the two of you.

If your divorce has been amicable and uncontested, you may consider collaborative divorce as a method. It is cost-effective, for you and your spouse have an opportunity to meet with multiple trained professionals in the fields of psychology, finance, and social work. Through collaborative divorce, the process is quick and efficient, providing for a low-stress start to the rest of your lives.

Not all marriages end amicably, though. If you and your partner are battling through the divorce, fighting and arguing to the finish line, you need someone to look out for you and just you. The attorneys at King, Koligian & Associates, LLC will be with you from the negotiations to the courtroom, if need be, fighting for your best interests from start to finish. Learn more about how we help individuals and couples through the Cincinnati, OH divorce process.

Integrity, Respect, Results

We are sensitive to your concerns and goals. We want you to have the final say when it comes to making legal decisions about your future, and we want you to be fully informed about your options. We are committed to giving you the information you need to feel confident and comfortable at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

Regardless of whether your divorce is complex, collaborative, high net worth, or facing modifications, we will treat you with respect and give your case our full attention. We are also well-equipped to help navigate any estate planning and criminal defense needs our clients may have in connection to or separate of their family law needs.

  • I was referred to Attorney Stephen King by an attorney friend of mine to handle my divorce. To say the least, my divorce was complicated, both financially and emotionally. Mr. King was more than attentive from the very beginning. He was very informative every step of the way, explaining every aspect of the process to me so that I fully understood the process and my options.

  • Mr. King represents me in an ongoing, complicated divorce. He’s kept me informed and protected against many things I would not have known about. High quality attorney with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  • Ms Koligian has been rock solid from day one. She has kept me informed on any developments and has always maintained an open line of communication. I am extremely satisfied with her knowledge of the law and I will recommend her to defend your interest with the same efficiency she has shown me.


Your Family Lawyer is Your Advocate–Through and Through

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, couple contemplating divorce, or a parent going through custody issues, it pays to have a compassionate and honest family lawyer on your side. Paternity, child support, and child custody plans are different for each and every family. You need a family lawyer who can create a unique, customized solution for your family. This lawyer should be your confidant and be able to answer your questions, as well as fight for your well being in court if the time comes. At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC in Montgomery, OH, we are proud to be those lawyers. Feel free to call our office and we can get started.

Let’s start on the right foot and create solutions that are right for you and your family. Call our Montgomery, OH family law office and we can begin this life transition–together.

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